Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Tell Google Not To Enter Into an Agreement With the NSA!

The Washington Post reported that Google is negotiating an information-sharing agreement with the National Security Agency (NSA) to help the company defend its networks.

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Brainwashing” a new generation of North American citizens

This is just another example of an overarching movement on behalf of globalist business leaders and politicians to merge the three nations of North America into an EU like federation.” He added, “Integration meetings such as the NAFI Triumvirate are simulations of the exact practices currently being undertaken by the SPP and its offshoot organizations. The NAFI Triumvirate is designed to familiarize ‘future Canadian, American and Mexican leaders’ with the processes involved in such practices.”

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Macho and excessive armed policing

Although violent crime is down, the police are increasingly using guns to make bungled, inaccurate and potentially deadly raids.
Victoria Coren asked in the Observer last week why we need a police force that has become “a tooled up army of Schwarzeneggers” if, as Tony Blair claimed at the Iraq inquiry, the invasion of Iraq has made Britain a safer place.

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