Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Favoring gun rights isn't subversion

by Daniel White

Last night on the NRA News program "Cam & Company," we were talking about the tactic of the anti-gun crowd to apply negative labels to gun owners. They're losing the fight in the legislature and in the courts, and public opinion has turned against them as well. The only trick these ponies have left is to try to change that public sentiment with insults, stereotypes, and lies.

So now, in addition to saying guns are bad, they say gun owners are bad people; paranoid, redneck, cowboy wanna-be... those are all terms that have been used regularly in recent years. They are now being supplemented with stronger terms, like terrorist and subversive.

Desperate times call for desperate measures, and they are losing the battle of public opinion so badly that they need to conjure up images of terrorism and imply that gun owners are amassing to overthrow the government to counteract the truth the general public is waking up to, that gun owners are really no different than they are.

They can't fight the idea without undermining the reputation and character of the people on the other side of the issue. Take, for instance, a recent second amendment rally held in the form of a picnic.

Michigan Open Carry Inc., a group that promotes the open carry of firearms, held a cookout in Sunset Park off the West Arm of Grand Traverse Bay, that was attended by over 50 people. In attendance was Skip Coryell of the Second Amendment March. The Michigan Messenger, which claims to be "a center for independent media" wrote an article about the picnic full of negative undertone.

It didn't take long for them to point out that there were "signs of tension" present, as if these lawful gun owners might suddenly go on a shooting spree. They attribute the recent spike in sales of guns and ammunition not as a precaution against confiscation by rational people, but as being driven by "anger and fear by white conservatives." They ended the article with quotes from local anti gun resident Leo Gabier and his belief that “these people are hateful and they want to divide the county.”

The truth is far more mundane. The vast majority of gun owners simply want to live their lives in peace. Don't pass useless gun bans, enact strict ownership controls, levy heavy taxes on guns & ammunition, and don't try to rob, murder, or otherwise physically attack them and you'll never even know who most gun owners are.

Contrary to the mad ravings of the anti gun media, nearly all gun owners are peaceful, hard working people who love their country and have great respect for the law. It always amazes me that the same people the anti-gunners accuse of being lawless malcontents just looking for an excuse to storm City Hall spend hours a day discussing the details of gun laws on the Ohioans For Concealed Carry forums to be sure they don't commit the smallest infraction. Lawful gun owners are not the problem.

If the Michigan Messenger didn't like the Sunset Park picnic then they really will not like the OFCC Party in the Park being held in less than two weeks. Instead of 50 people, this one will have well over one hundred and almost all of them will be armed or be gun owners. I guarantee, though, that contrary to the dire warnings of the anti-gun crowd, on Saturday, July 11, Liberty Park will be the safest park in Ohio.

That's why these anti-gun extremists continue to lose over and over in the battle over gun rights. They make their predictions of blood running in the streets, yet it never happens. They say crime will increase if more law abiding citizens carry guns as part of their daily lives, yet it doesn't happen. They try to label gun owners are terrorists and subversives, yet they go about their lives in a safe, well-protected, and law abiding manner. The public notices, and the lies are losing their power.

Source: The Examiner

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