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U.S. rabbis suspected of brokering sale of human kidneys
Investigators also believe rabbis laundered money from Brooklyn through businesses in Israel.

With rabbis being carted off to jail for taking part in criminal activities, including money laundering and organ harvesting and sales, the American Jewish community is facing a crisis.

Who will conduct their marriages?
Who will teach their sons the Bar Mitzvah prayers?
Who will officiate at their funerals?
These are real problems. How could the so called religious leaders of these people abandon their flock?

Last year it was the kosher food industry that was in jeopardy due to unethical practices taking place in their largest slaughterhouse. What’s wrong with these people?

Perhaps they are ‘taking their cue’ from the state of Israel itself, a land that commits crime after crime and gets away with it. Perhaps also, the Madoff affair awakened the authorities to the fact that no particular ethnic group is crime free. Whatever the reasons, it is just not acceptable for certain elements to become involved in these type of activities.

A religious leader is supposed to set an example, a good one. A rabbi is supposed to be a teacher. He is not a Saint or anything special in the eyes of the Creator. Yet, he is still expected to live an exemplary life and guide his community in a righteous way.The crimes committed by these people must not go unpunished.

One report dwelt on the crime of money laundering ….. Several rabbis were arrested as part of a public corruption and international money-laundering investigation in New Jersey. The money-laundering suspects were accused of moving “at least tens of millions of dollars through charitable, nonprofit entities controlled by rabbis in New York and New Jersey,” according to a release by acting U.S. Attorney Ralph Marra.

Only slight mention was made about the organ harvesting… Also charged is Levy-Izhak Rosenbaum, 58, of Brooklyn, who was accused of conspiring with others to acquire and trade human organs for use in transplantation. In one case noted in the complaint, Rosenbaum said it would cost $150,000 – half up front. Rosenbaum said some of the money would go to the donor and some to doctors in Israel, according to the complaint.

The italics are from a report found HERE.

In 2002 Yasser Arafat charged that Israeli doctors were harvesting organs from Palestinian children to save the lives of Jewish children. This received little or no press coverage outside of the Arab media. Is this a crime that is unspeakable? Or is it just one of those crimes that the media wishes to suppress because Israel is involved in a wrongdoing?

It’s time for the world to wake up and condemn these crimes . It’s time for the world to open their minds and their hearts about the reality they are surrounded with…. before they find themselves, literally, heartless.
In the meantime, the zionists are laughing at all of us…..
dry bones
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