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Two reports out today (below) that "appear" to show a jovial Netanyahu suddenly announcing "The Settlement problem is resolved." And then "The Palestinians should talk to us already." and "We will start talks with the Palestinians without Pre-Conditions." Holy Shit Batman, Please people do not get excited. This is the SAME horrid evil man who has allowed more and more settlements to be built and vowed Jerusalem will be the undivided capital of Israel. No, there's something else amiss here. Israel NEVER does anything for the right reasons; only if they are "under threat" or "getting something" do they move position. This is still early days, but perhaps it's the goldstone report fallout. I can't imagine Obama would want to have to be in a position of using the American UN Security council veto to block the report. Not after his co called "new beginning with the Muslims world" speech in Cairo and all that nonsense. That would be tantamount to telling the Arab/Muslim world that democracy never works for you, which leaves one alternative.....resistance, armed and otherwise.

Additionally Obama wants to appear "different" than Bush, who gave the veto to Israel at will. So best guess is that Netanyahu will give over on building "more" settlements, keep the ones he has, dismantling all the little shitty ones he doesn't want, and this will be hailed as a "miraculous" concession by the US and Israel. Imagine if you will, the audacity of this, that Israel has decided to give up only SOME of what it NEVER legally owned!

Another reason is Goldstone is not to be taken lightly folks. As there are technically NO Israeli Civilians, they ALL serve in the Army, so that means that anytime some Israeli wants to leave Israel to come to England or anywhere else for a vacation, or to attend college, or for any other reason, they could find themselves arrested for war crimes. And this most likely would take place in some tiny little country somewhere where you’d least expect it. They find themselves behind bars and on trail. They need this report to go away. So they will do their “own” investigation as the report calls for then a few low level IDF soldiers will have their hand slapped (no commanders, generals or anyone of importance who ordered the murders) and then that will be that. Israel cooperated, story over. Ah, but the WORLD won’t be happy with the results, and that is where the Palestinains come into this mess, as it really won’t be over unless the Palestinians and the Arab states say Goldstone is over. And they may make other attempts to cause problems at the UN for Israel. So, America will praise Israel and attack Hamas for its small part and then point to the “great progress” in the Israeli Palestinians situation. Then call for the report to be quashed in the “interest” of ongoing “peace” Just like Israel attempted to do now when they claimed the Goldstone report could end the “Peace Process” when there was “no peace process” to loose, so it was a bit too early as they had “no track record” of appearing to be agreeable to moving forward in any peace deal. Now they will create these “facts” on the ground over the next few days, weeks and months. Expect them to now appear to be most agreeable towards peace, settlements and an ultimate resolution to the situation. Key word here is “appear”

Then the pressure will be brought upon the Palestinians to drop support for Goldstone in return for the bribe they got on settlements and whatever else Israel decides to throw in to sweeten the pot, like the new phone system and other trivial things that cannot compare to the 1400 murdered in Gaza remembered in the Goldstone report. After all, in addition to the "miraculous settlement agreement" mentioned above and the other little prizes, if Israel is involved in "so called" negotiations WITH the Palestinians in March, this too will be used as a reason to drop support for the report before it reaches the Security Council. Also, let me say, that I wonder if the Palestinians had any say in this "miraculous" settlement agreement made between the US and Israel. Don’t you just love how two other countries decide how much stolen land will be returned to the rightful owners? Without the rightful owners involved in discussions? Absurd! What we are talking about here is nothing more than dictatorship by the US and Israel. Ah well, rant over for now, as there will be plenty of time to say more during the upcoming "one sided" negotiations. Here are the two reports:
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that talks between Israel and the U.S. over construction in the West Bank settlements had ended and the two countries had resolved settlements row, local daily Ha'aretz reported Monday.

Netanyahu made these remarks while meeting visiting Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero last Thursday, saying "we solved the matter of the settlements with the Americans," according to the report.

"I cannot say more than that. If you are interested in hearing more details, ask in Washington," the Israeli premier was quoted as saying.

It is not clear what Netanyahu meant and what details of the "solution" are, but this is the first time that Netanyahu said the settlements issue has been solved, said Ha'aretz.

The settlements issue is the main bone of contention between the Obama administration and Israel. source
Sources in Jerusalem said that Netanyahu spoke about the matter after his representatives Mike Herzog and Yitzhak Molcho reached agreements in Washington during their talks last week.

Zapatero told Netanyahu of his visit to the White House two days before his arrival in Jerusalem. He said he was obsessed with Obama, and that there will never be another chance where a man who professes values such as his will be president, and everyone must help him realize his vision.

Netanyahu responded to Zapatero, saying he was willing to start talks with the Palestinians without any pre-conditions.

"The Palestinians should talk to us already," Netanyahu said source
So, the Palestinians should "talk to us" and would that include ALL the Palestinians who were elected democratically? Or just the ones you can manipulate?

Source: Irish4Palestine
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