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So each day more stunning facts come out about Nozette, the latest Zionist Spy operating for Israel inside America. Truly amazing how they are so willing to sell out the country in which they were born, raised, provided for, educated by, employed by, and where they received a whopping $225,000.00 annual salary from. Yet, they are willing to sell out America and their fellow Non-Zionist Americans to a foreign power with such ease.

Regarding Nozette, America’s latest and more “recent” Israeli spy; I found it quite “odd” that some of the very first statements within any of the articles was this statement:
Senior government officials in Jerusalem said Israel does not gather intelligence nor is it involved in any espionage activities in friendly states, Israel Radio reported Tuesday.
And America chimed in as well with this statement:
The government’s complaint doesn’t allege that Israel or anyone acting on its behalf committed a crime.
There now folks, no worries, move along, nothing to see here, America and Israel "in sync" on this "breaking" story. I don’t buy it, not one little bit. My reasons can be summed up in two very troublesome paragraphs being reported, notice the dates:
1. Nozette's most sensitive position appears to have been as a contractor working from 2000 to 2006 for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.

2. Nozette was employed as a technical consultant for Israel Aerospace Industries, the government owned aerospace company, between 1998 and 2008
It’s the “overlap” Stupid! He was actually employed in top secret work for the US government at the SAME time he was also employed by Israel Aerospace Industries. So for a whopping SIX years he worked for BOTH agencies. Now, he may be a “rocket Scientist” and I may NOT be a Rocket Scientist, but I don’t need to be one to notice the correlation between those dates. . AND IF YOU DON'T THINK THERE WAS SOME TRANSFERENCE OF INFORMATION DURING THAT TIME THEN I HAVE SOME SWAMP LAND TO SELL YOU....Additionally, just “where” is this secret “Country A” anyway??? Why would that be withheld and kept “secret” It’s named in the documents of the case as “Foreign Country A” followed by a comforting excuse that gets Israel off the hook, see below.
The complaint alleges that Nozette traveled to a country that is not Israel -- "foreign country A" -- in January of this year
I don’t buy this “Foreign Country A” bit either. I think “Foreign Country A” is actually Israel, or perhaps a designated stopping point, outside of America, where he was to meet his “Israeli Mossad Counterpart” and hand over the goods. Which he clearly returned without. I also believe that the US was well aware in advance of this case coming to fruition and that Israel was well informed of this fact, in advance. Hence the “Quietness” of the Israeli Government to wade in vocally on this subject. I also believe the US government is now using this against Israel to:

1. Exhibit to the Israeli Government that the US is on top of their spy rings. And

2. A “whip or a carrot” to help to push Israel into a peace process (on the heels of goldstone) The whip option would have been the US spilling the beans in the first place, The Carrot option is the one agreed upon by Israel and the US. Where the US does not involve the Israeli Government and instead Obama gets a peace process. (Which suddenly TWO days ago the settlements have been agreed upon and Netanyahu is all about "Talking to the Palestinians")

I say this because of the timing of events here. First we have the Goldstone report, which, if the US wanted to play hardball with the Zionists, they could abstain from voting in the next phase of the Draft Resolutions process. The US could also “not be so vocal” on supporting Israel at the UN as well. Without the US, Israel has no hope of quashing this resolution OR report. Also we have the sudden agreement on the "settlements" issue between Obama and Netanyahu, just DAYS ago. Follwed by Netanyahus statements of now wanting to "Talk to Palestinians" It's all WAY too convenient for me.

Perhaps it is finally time that America begins to examine it’s relationship with Israel. But that would prove difficult as the Israelis have managed to infiltrate into the highest ranks of the US Government, via AIPAC and it’s millions of contributions to US politicians at all levels and in all areas. America needs to be very worried about these inside Israeli foreign spies. America has already been attacked once; it could happen again if the information Nozette had access to was then conveniently transferred to a foreign power that would “very much” like to shape America’s future foreign policy towards the Arab and Muslim regions of the Middle East. In order to ensure it suits Israel’s needs instead of America’s needs. This could be done easily enough by some “Event” taking place on Americans that can then be “parlayed” into another Muslim “kill them all” hate fest. Remember the USS Liberty? From the BBC:

Source: Irish4Palestine

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