Friday, November 6, 2009

Maryland cops force photographer to delete photos

Another town. Another cop. Another photographer gets his photos deleted.

This time it went down in Anne Arundel County, Maryland when Antonio Amador grabbed his camera to photograph an fatal accident that took place outside his home on October 24. This was part of an ongoing project to get drivers to slow down in the area.

He started filming the accident scene when an angry cop approached him, demanding he delete his memory card, according to the Maryland Gazette.

“Suddenly I hear this screaming, like somebody really mad,” he said. “I see this guy charging at me saying, ‘delete those pictures now!’ “

The officers threatened to arrest him if he didnt’ delete his photos. Amador tried to explain to them that he had a Constitutional right to take the photos.

“They couldn’t care less,” he said. “They threatened to handcuff me just because I questioned why I should delete my photos in the first place.”

The man who died in the accident was the son of a Baltimore police officer, so maybe that is why the officers felt they needed to violate Amador’s Constitutional rights.

Now the ACLU is looking into it. And Amador has filed a complaint against the department.

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Source: Photography is Not a crime

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