Wednesday, December 9, 2009


We want to draw attention to a section of a post over at Xymphora's great blog:
The members of the Council on Foreign Relations think Israel is a shitty little country (Barry Chamish will say 'I told you so').
Xymph links to an article by Jeffrey Blankfort at Counterpunch, that refers to a recent Pew poll of Council on Foreign Relations members, it reveals surprising views about Israel and America's position on supporting Israel:Pew Research Center survey on America's Place in the World, taken of 642 CFR members between October 2 and November 16. The Pew poll not only reveals that the overwhelming majority, two-thirds of the members of this elite foreign policy institution, believes that the United States has gone overboard in favoring Israel, it doesn't consider Israel to have have much importance to the US in the first place.

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