Sunday, December 20, 2009


Murderers and Criminals, that's what they are.
All the ad nauseum claims of "Anti-Semitism" over the Organ Trade dealings that were reported in Swedish newspapers; and lets not forget those grubby Rabbis in New Jersey and their illegal organ trading either. All of the "Israeli Outrage" when in fact, it was true all along and validation of this, by an Israeli Doctor no less. And proof has been sitting in the hands of a professor of anthropology at the University of California-Berkeley since 2000.

Organ theft is a crime, just like the theft of anything else, albeit a morbid crime dealing with the most sacred thing, a humans body. However it is a crime and this is why claims of "Anti-Semitism" don't work on this issue, because the issue is a crime. however, this crime appears to be an international crime where Israel is concerned and as such should be investigated by the international community like any other widespread crime against humans perpetuated by an aggressive country. There are laws governing this and just as Israel ignores laws governing Geneva Convention, International Law, War Crimes and the like they also believe laws pertaining to organ theft don't apply to them either. Today's revelation:
link The chief Israeli pathologist and director of the Institute of Forensic Medicine at Abu Kabir, professor Yehuda Hiss, has admitted harvesting organs from the bodies of dead Palestinians without the consent of their families.

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  1. Organ trade by private gangs is only the tip of an iceberg. There is an even more sinister organ trade going on by governmental hospitals and other official health institutions.

    There is an International official network of organ exchange with official hospitals in each country as nodes in the netwerk that provide and resceive organs and tissue for transplantation, treatment and research, and with officially appointed coordinators at each site.

    These coordinators work directly together with doctors responsible for treatment in the same hospitals or cooperating hospitals.

    The function of this network is officially regulated by laws of each country. These laws genereally state that one shall only exchange organs from people having been decleared brain death.

    But the demand for organs and tissue, and especially from children of young persons as donors, are many times higher than that which can be provided by persons being brain-dead after accidenst.

    Many symptoms point to the fact that this network since long has gone corrupted due to the high demand and to the money exchanged for organs provided.

    The corruption occurs by taking out undamaged organs from patients that have been injured in accidenst and selling these through the international network. When doing so they claim to the patient himself, his parents, his wife or relatives that the organ was damaged and had to be removed.

    The corruption also occurs by declearing brain dead people that are not so, and using their organs for trade in the network. The corruption manifests itself with several symptoms any citizen can observe:

    - Organs are taken out of a person after an accident that did not seem to injure exactly the place where the organ is situated.

    - A stragely great persentage of accidents n a country or area result in removal of organs.

    - A strangely great percentage of accidents of all kind end in death,
    despite the modern technical abilities to save persons after an accident.

    - People in a given country are astounishingly often pronounced dead, even after accidents that do not involve greater part of the body.

    - One have a routine of giving up the fight for the life of a person, and declares the person brain death, after very short time, usually 4-8 hours.

    - Young persons that are supposed to have good chances of surviving an accident is surprizingly often decleared dead.

    - Persons are often decleared brain death after accidents where the body, and even the head is largerly undamaged, when the person is without consciousness after the accident.

    - Persons are routinously subjected to artificial coma after accidents, even when the person was conscious right after the accident, and after some hours decleared brain death.

    - Parents, sposes and relatives are rutinously denied access to a person after accidents.

    - Politicians in the country are actively demanding more organs from own citizens to be provided for donation.

    I have for a long time observed these particularities in my own country, Norway, and I am concerned. Norway is a member of the international organ donation network. But since this network is international, the concern is valid for several coutries, surely.

    Knut Holt

    There is an international, originally legal, organ donation network that since long has gone corrupted. What happens is that people are decleared brain-dead on false premises and their organs are taken out and sold. Also organs from offers or injuries are taken out, and sold, claimning that the organs were damaged and had to be removed. Also major hosiptals in western countries seem to participate in this cheating, including my country, Norway, and countries like UK and USA.