Sunday, December 6, 2009

It’s All AIPAC of Lies

American Israel Public Affairs Committee—AIPAC. The single most powerful lobby in the world. So powerful that Washington politicians
carefully weigh each and every vote they cast based on the approval of this lobby.

Yes, a foreign lobby has that much clout, power and control over American leaders and thus, the American people. AIPAC has become so overpowering that they have risen above government investigations and mainstream media scrutiny. So powerful that the following statement was NEVER reported in America’s newspapers, magazines, or electronic media:

Every time we do something you tell me that America will do this and America will do that. I want to tell you something very clear; don’t worry
about American pressure on Israel. We, the Jewish people, control America, and the Americans know it.

You may think that maybe that statement was made by an overzealous Jewish American—or—an Israeli comedian—or—an Israeli talk show host. Maybe. Just maybe! No, that was no comment made at an Israeli barbershop or an Israeli wedding—no maybes about it! That comment was made by the then Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon. Yes, the prime minister of Israel! The head of state—Israel’s leader.

Think about it.You may not have even heard this statement or read about it were it not for AFP. In fact, this may be the very first time you’ve come to learn of this statement—December 2009.
The power of AIPAC is so evident that the mainstream media of the USA hid it from your eyes and ears. Yes, you should be upset—really mad—because that statement was made October 3, 2001—more than 8 years ago. Eight years ago you didn’t even know that a foreign leader announced, on an Israeli radio show no less, that “We, the Jewish people, control America.”

And it didn’t stop there—consider the far-reaching ramifications of the remainder of that statement: “And the Americans know it.”

What Americans? Do you know it? Do your neighbors know it? Who are these Americans who know it?

Lets get to the point. Every politician in Washington D.C. knows it and has never uttered a word about it, NEVER even a whisper.

I opened up a can of worms in my September appearance on the Greta Van Susteren show, Fox TV Network. I said: “Israel has a stranglehold on America. Their lobby AIPAC has pushed and manipulated America into wars of little or no interest to our national security. . . . Our sons and daughters are being shipped home in body bags. These wars have now bankrupted America and no one—no one—has even whispered a warning from our nation’s capital.” I further stated: “Our one-sided foreign policy in
the Mideast favoring Israel on every issue has turned the Arab world against us and has exported to America the terrorism, violence and danger resulting from these misguided policies.”

I was called a “kook”—demeaned by the mainstream media—labeled an anti-Semite—on and on. The reason is quite clear. No one can even question Israel without being targeted, without retaliation.

“We, the Jewish people, control America, and the Americans; know it.” (Ariel Sharon, Oct. 3, 2001.) I’m no anti-Semite—and Israel knows it. Israel also knows that I vehemently oppose any person, entity or
government that attempts to control, manipulate, influence or gerrymander our great nation. Truth is, Israel has done just that.

When a foreign leader such as Ariel Sharon can make such a statement, and get away with it without media or government scrutiny, it speaks to the awesome power that Israel wields over America’s commerce, the American press and the American government.

Transparency? The new buzzword! Who’s kidding whom? American politicians dare not even whisper their concerns about Israel.

It has come to pass. Yes, American kids are being shipped home in body bags to grieving parents who have lost their jobs and pensions due to these “Israeli wars.”

That’s right, “ISRAELI WARS.”Wars of expansion for Israel, at the expense and pain of the people of the USA. “BEAM ME UP!”

Our first president, George Washington, warned:

“Beware of permanent alliances.” George Washington is rolling over in his grave. GW could never have imagined an America being controlled
and manipulated by another government.

If Sharon’s statement had been made by any other foreign leader, it would have been headlines in every newspaper in America. It would have been the hot subject of every American talk show, radio and TV. But not Israel. No talk show host, whether conservative or liberal will ever question Israel. If they do, they will lose their show. Beware, American politicians, or you, too, will become a target.

Source: American Free Press

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