Saturday, January 30, 2010

ADL exposé movie - "Defamation" on Youtube Now from On the Contrary by Michael Hoffman

We've found a site that shows the entire film, and with subtitles that are more legible than on YouTube:


Courtesy of Michael Santomauro, we are able to direct your attention to Youtube, where the as yet unreleased Israeli documentary expose of the ADL and "antisemitism" paranoia -- "Defamation" by Yoav Shamir -- is now playing in nine separate parts.

If past practice is any guide, this movie will be removed from Youtube quickly, so see it as soon as you can.

If you are pressed for time, I recommend you first view parts 6, 7 and 8, although the entire movie is exceedingly instructive (there are subtitles in some segments and these are almost unreadable; the fault is with Youtube, not the documentary itself).

Having watched this film in its entirety, I am more than ever convinced that organized, contemporary "Jew"-bashing, "Jew"-hate and neo-Nazi and jihadist movements are, in whole or part, covertly managed by Israeli and western intelligence services.

A consistent theme of my writing and lectures over the past few years has been that Judaism and Zionism desperately need "antisemitic" movements and incidents in order to maintain their cachet. This film offers powerful evidence of that fact.

I was heartened by some very decent Judaics who spoke truthfully on camera, in particular a Russian Judaic man in Moscow. The most radically lucid, defiant and intrepid remarks are by Dr. Norman Finkelstein. Furthermore, the filmmaker, Yoav Shamir, is a fair person.

"Defamation," a documentary by Yoav Shamir

Part 1 10:59

Part 2 10:59

Part 3 10:59

Part 4 10:08

Part 5 10:13

Part 6 10:59

Part 7 10:48

Part 8 8:08

Part 9 6:41


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