Sunday, July 5, 2009

Canadian Human Rights Commission Horror Stories - Steven Boissoin

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  1. This is an amazing, nauseating almost frightening story. What I observe in my country (Canada) is people who hope if we keep quiet, all the spreading tyranny on this planet will somehow skip Canada. Apparently, it's not working...

  2. Bloody effing AMAZING!

    MY MY I love Harper!

    Heck I miss political incorrectness. Made for some damn funny TV viewing. (All in the Family for example.)

    Political correctness gone mad. People do not realize we are almost all the way Communist with such dictates waiting to jump out and grab everyone. First it was colour, then feminism, wars of all striped, and now gays.

    I wonder if the Noahyde Laws of the Chabbad Lubinovitch have been secretly implanted into our legal system as it is in the US.

    This has gone too far. Going to call my Rep this week about Codex Alimentarius (Bill C6) and will ask about when these laws snuck in.

    Thanks for the post!

  3. It is our tragedy not that some are brave enough to be evil, but that millions are too cowardly to be good. I like this guy Ezra Levant.