Thursday, October 8, 2009


These youngsters deserve a ticker tape parade in every city they visit…..

Why We Refuse-World Tour

Some of the bravest Israelis that I know are on tour right now in the United States and South Africa. The “Shministim” (12th grade high school students) are on speaking tours talking about the reality of Israeli conscientious objectors and the peace movement in Israel in general. For more information and tour dates, please visit the website.

Phil Weiss has an excellent comment on a recent Shministim event at NYU on his website:

Among the Shministim– excommunication and self-hatred

The two visiting Israeli women who refused to serve in the army spoke at NYU last night. I ran into a woman whom I’d gone to Gaza with on the elevator. We sat together, and I told her about my plan to visit Israel. I feel a need to go see my family friend who moved there a long time ago and talk the situation over. “I’m in the Jewish community the way you’re in the Episcopalian community,” I said, “and she’s a better Jew than I am.” I saw Terry’s face fall, and I felt pathetic. “Is that ridiculous?” “Not ridiculous emotionally. Though it is ridiculous on its face.” Well I meant that my parents’ friend was religious and had raised her children as Jews. Still I could see Terry was disturbed by my comment, that it expressed some self-loathing.
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