Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Unacceptable Cost of Judeo-Christianity; Its Legacy of Pain

Charles E. Carlson Oct 05, 2009

"The Unacceptable Cost of Christian Zionism" is offered as memorial to eight dead American soldiers, who did not need to die, and uncounted Afghans, Iraqis, and Palestinians, all killed the first four days of October. We also memorialize the calculated assassination of a thing we all use and depend upon, the “Dollar,” destroyed in a large part by unnecessary and contrived Serial Wars.

The Death of the Dollar” is a passing that will bring deprivation to a class of Americans who never dreamed it could befall them. In the “Unacceptable Cost” first published in August 30, 2007, we explain why we place the blame for Serial Wars and destroyed dreams upon America’s churches and church leaders, not all of them mind you, but most. They alone, as institutions, have the responsibility to know the truth and tell it, regardless of the cost. Truth is the product of Jesus’ work, but those who claim to follow Him from the mega-church pulpits have played the monopoly game of war along with the bankers and politicians. We blame them, and we see no reason why God will not; stop following them! Read the rest HERE

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