Monday, November 30, 2009

The New Political Spectrum in America

It's time that we take a serious look at the way we view our politics in this country. We have been led to believe too many false premises for too long.

First, we have to all agree that we have a Constitution, that we were founded upon that Constitution, and that the Constitution is based upon limiting government and protecting individual liberty. This is an undeniable truth.

With that established, we should naturally come to see the Constitution not only as our starting point for all political decisions, but also as our center. When we begin to push for schemes that take away the individual liberties protected in the Constitution, or that take away the limitations placed upon government, we begin to travel out to the left or the right of our spectrum and away from the Constitution.

Take a look at this simplified chart (click the thumbnail for a larger view):

Please keep in mind that while this spectrum chart looks cut and dry, real life is not and it is very possible that we can end up with the worst aspects of both sides of this spectrum. Imagine mixing Draconian controls such as warrantless surveillance and indefinite detention with gun control and socialist redistribution. This is how the right and left compliment each other more than they help US. This is where we are heading people.

As Americans, we have been caught up for too long in our false left-right paradigm fed to us by our elected officials. We need to rediscover the true meaning of our Constitution and fully understand what it really protects. We are allowing our freedom to be literally ripped apart by these maniacs in D.C. Warrantless surveillance and indefinite detention of Americans, socialized healthcare, nationalized industry, government control of 48% of GDP economy, federal gun control, largest prison population in the world (even next to countries five times our population) ...WAKE UP PEOPLE! THIS IS NOT WHAT THIS WAS INTENDED TO BE!

We have to get back to the true meaning of American Freedom, and understand that our Constitution is OUR HEART, OUR TRUE CENTER, the point where all political debate starts and STOPS.

Soon, it may be too late. Let us once again value individual liberty above all else. Let us once again understand that government works for US, not the other way around. Let us once again uphold the truth that government is to be constrained, not blindly trusted NO MATTER HOW MUCH YOU LIKE THE GUY IN THE OVAL OFFICE.

Source: Democracy Gone
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