Monday, November 30, 2009

NY Jews Say No to Dershowitz… No to Occupation

by Desert Peace

On Saturday, November 21st, Alan Dershowitz was appearing at the 92nd Street Y in N.Y.C. to debate a person representing the new lobby, J Street, on the subject of what the future policies of Israel should be. Dershowitz supports Israel’s most aggressive policies. Aware of that, members of the N.Y. group, Jews Say No, gathered outside the Y with signs and leaflets that said “No, not in our name!” and indicated opposition to the ongoing siege of Gaza, the separation wall, the settlements, and the occupation. People carried placards that read:

Am I really a self hating Jew if I criticize the Israeli government’s unethical and inhumane policies?

Does Israel’s security really depend on illegal occupation and siege?

What Jewish law permits the killing of 1400 Gazan citizens?

Is Israel’s treatment of the Palestinian people consistent with the long Jewish tradition of social justice?

Doesn’t the Holocaust teach us that it must never happen to anyone again?

They also handed out copies of Justice Goldstone’s letter to the U.S. Congress regarding his report about Israel’s war crimes.

When Dershowitz arrived he told those gathered that they should come inside and hear what he had to say. People said that they had already read and heard what he had to say, that’s why they were there.

When those attending the event arrived some read the signs with a look of astonishment, obviously not realizing that there was an alternate view within the Jewish community, and a few, very few, expressed agreement. Overwhelmingly, from where this reporter was standing, the response was hostile. A few used profanity but most made comments like, “Shame on you”, “Sure, you want them to kill 6 million more of us”, or simply, “Stupid.”

Several people passing by asked to meet with members of the group to discuss the issues and learn more about Jews Say No.

JSN will continue to gather in public areas with their signs and leaflets to express an ethical voice from within the Jewish community.

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