Thursday, November 5, 2009

SHUT UP AND PAY YOUR TAXES SLAVE! 100 years of abuse

Hillary Clinton, our Secretary of State, told Pakistan recently that their taxes are too low. "In the United States," she boldly stated, "we tax everything that moves and doesn't move."

People, we are taxed to death. These brazen bastards work us 6 months of the year for taxes alone. That is half of the fruits of our labor. What would the colonists have done if the King's messenger had arrived on our shore and stated, "Subjects of the colonies, the King of England hereby orders you to work 6 months out of the year to pay him. The King will graciously allow you to keep the fruits of your labor of the second 6 months only."

They would have corked the messenger in a bottle and let the tide carry him back to the King.

Are the fruits of our labor theirs to do with as they wish? Is 6 months of pay less labor slavery? Do we really need government to create bureaucracy upon bureaucracy to micro-manage our lives and force us to pay for it all?

The answer to all of these is a loud and resounding NO! For nearly 100 years the federal government has been abusing authority, leveling unConstitutional regulations upon us, and moving us toward slavery at gun point. I say 'gun point' because if you disagree with this system, no matter how unConstitutional, you will receive a very nasty visit from machine-gun-toting IRS agents kicking in your door to take you and everything you own away.

If you disagree with the phony war on drugs, maybe grow some harmless marijuana, a very vicious DEA will smash down your door with military force, scream at your entire family to hit the floor under the threat of machine gun fire, and drag you out. You should have known that drugs are limited to the deadly drugs pushed legally by Big Pharma!

If you disagree with the unConstitutional federal interpretation of the Second Amendment, the militarized BATF will descend upon you with violent precision and change your life forever.

If you are of the ilk of being just overall unhappy with the federal government, and choose to protest taxes, gun control, federal intrusion, or demand adherence to the Constitution, the the mothership of federal force, The Department of Homeland Security, will place you on a secret list of domestic terrorists.

Congress was supposed to, according to the Constitution, coin and regulate our money. Instead, they gave our money and our economy over to a group of private world bankers who now operate as the highest authority in the U.S.; even the federal government cannot audit or impose upon the Federal Reserve. It is a private, for-profit institution that robs us and taxes us through inflation, and never has to answer to us.

Shut Up and Be a Good Slave

Basically, you better just shut up, go to work, pay the King, and keep that single-shot shotgun quietly locked up in your closet. Are you getting the picture? The Constitution forbade government from imposing any direct unapportioned tax upon the People. The did it. It forbade them from infringing upon the "right of the People" to keep and bear arms. They did that too. The Constitution clearly defined only three enumerated law enforcement duties given to federal government--piracy on the high seas, counterfeiting, and treason--and left all other duties to the States or to the People, respectively. Then why do we have the DEA, ATF, IRS, FDA, EPA and now the all powerful DHS?

This is bigger than health care. This is bigger than Obama. It is time we settled this once and for all and demand complete adherence to the Constitution. We do not need candidates who will go to Washington and oppose Democrats and health care. We need people who will stand up for us and REPEAL LAWS.

IT'S TIME TO PUSH THE LEVIATHAN BACK INTO IT'S CAGE. In 1776 those powerful chains of bondage were given to us by the forefathers, and now it's time we used them again.

Source: The Fading American Dream: The Constitution Circumvented

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