Thursday, December 3, 2009

Czech Big Brother Awards 2009

The results of the fifth annual Big Brother Awards were announced at a festive evening in Prague's Theatre Na Pradle on 12 November 2009. A jury of experts chose from almost 80 nominations entered by the public.

Among those awarded are the Czech Ministry of Schools, Youth and Sports for gathering information about pupils and students, Nokia company for its efforts to legalize snooping in its employees' email communication, the social networking site Facebook for its inconsistent approach to user privacy protection, the Czech Ministry of Health, the State Institute for Drug Control and National Health Registries, or the French "HADOPI law", nicknamed the "electronic guillotine".

The "Statement of the year" went to the General Manager of the state-owned lottery operator Sazka, for demanding that slot-machines be equipped with ID scanners. He thinks this would prevent people who receive social benefits from gambling. "It is a question of a greater control or an increase in gambling," says Mr. Ales Husak. The positive prize was awarded to the citizens of Iran for boycotting telephones manufactured by Nokia Siemens, because a telecommunication surveillance system was sold by this company to the Government of Iran.

The first ceremony in the Czech Republic took place in 2005. Similarly to previous years there are eight categories - Longterm Violation of Human Privacy (for companies and public organizations), Biggest Corporate Snoop (for companies), Biggest Government Agency Snoop (for government organizations), Dangerous New Technology, Big Brother Law, Snoop Among Nations, Statement of a Big Brother and finally the positive award for Achievements in Protecting Privacy. The Czech Awards are held by the EDRi-member Iuridicum Remedium.

Big Brother Awards 2009 (only in Czech)

Czech Big Brother awards press release in English (12.11.2009)

Source: European Digital Rights

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