Friday, July 3, 2009

Florida officer forced to resign after slashing suspect’s bike tires

By Carlos Miller
You have to wonder about the IQ of some officers. Or at least the maturity level.

Here you have an officer who is 52 years old; a 20 year veteran with the New York Police Department who moves down to Florida and gets a job with the Tarpon Springs Police Department.

Jeffrey Robinson is also black, so he has probably been on the receiving end of racial slurs before. Especially from those he has arrested. So you would think he would learn to ignore it.

Think again.

On January 28, Robinson arrested a homeless man on trespassing charges. John Bilawsky used racial slurs against him during the ride to jail.

On February 8, Robinson is apparently still bothered by these slurs so he enters the storage room of the Pinellas County Jail and removes Bilawsky’s bicycle, slashes it tires and places it back into the storage room.

You would think that after 11 days of plotting revenge, he would have noticed that there is a video camera in the storage room.

He didn’t.

The video showed him removing the bike, then replacing it with wobbly wheels. After an internal investigation, he resigned to avoid being fired.

Source: Phoyography is Not a crime

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